Superior Room

The Superior Room Located at the ground floor of the Le Palme House. The house was designed to adapt for Philippine environment such as, the roof is made of SagoPalm (Cycas Revoluta) local name Ambulong. Superior Room offer a spacious hideaway, viewing the north face of Mt. Mab-O and the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park also known as The Green Wall and hear the music of the waves of Pandan Bay.
Room Features:

• Fully air conditioned
• 32″ LCD television with cable tv connection
• complimentary Wi-Fi broadband internet access
• bathroom features a sink with a separate hot and cold shower
• Can accommodate up to 4 guests, every 3rd and succeeding guest each have to avail the extra bed
P2,200 per night for 2 pax / P300 per extra bed
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